cannot CVS ignore some files

a) commit project
b) there are 3 files on toplevel directory (content root) of my (single module) project:
Kopie of navitool.ipr
Kopie of navitool.iml
Kopie of navitool.iws
These should be ignored, so I use the x from the commit project dialog -> but nothing happens
if I look into the .cvsignore I see that the filenames are entered there - possibly even more than once
The files keep appearing in the commit project dialog.

I checked: it seems to be the space in the filename.
If I (refactor-)rename the file to kopieofnavitool.ipr,
it can be successfully ignored.

Btw., maybe on rename you should also rename the entry in .cvsignore ? At least then the file-rename would somehow
earn the title "refactor" ;)

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The CVS gurus have not thought about spaces in file names, hence the
.cvsignore file allows whitespace separated entries. SmartCVS reads this
file linewise and therefore can handle file names with spaces correctly.



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