Improving performance of IDEA 9.0 on Mac

I am running IDEA 9.0 on my latest MacBook pro and it seems to consume a huge amount of memory and be very sluggish.

Can anyone suggest any ways to speed up the Mac version?




Hi Mark,

IDEA is a java application and it's upper memory limit is defined at '$IDEA_HOME/bin/idea.vmoptions' file (512 Mb by default, defined via -Xmx key). Feel free to twek it as necessary.

About performance - feel free to take CPU snapshot and upload it to JetBrains. More details on how to do that may be found here - How to report IDEA performance problems and take CPU snapshots

Regards, Denis


I've always tweaked the memory options in $IDEA_HOME/Contents/Info.plist, I think the idea.vmoptions may only apply if idea is started via the shell script bin/ but I could be wrong....


I observed sluggish response in 9.02 on OS X 10.6.3 for the first time yesterday.  I was editing a JSP page when it happened. I selected a block of text (maybe 30 lines) then performed Reformat Code. I got the lag and pinwheel for several seconds before it returned to normal. It didn't happen every time I did the reformat but I was able to reproduce the lag a couple of times. No CPU snapshot yet. If I can reproduce it again I'll capture the snapshot. Intellij has 1 gig of memory plus a ramdisk for the system cache so not really sure what caused it.


Is it the case that garbrage collection occured? You can check that by GC indicator at the bottom right corner (all memory is spent).


I doubt it. I run the GC manually sometimes and it's usually fast. The lag was noticeable and lastest several seconds (maybe ten). I might of had two Intellij windows open with two separate projects - I can't remember. I will watch for it to occur again and capture the snapshot. I was commenting because I do believe a problem might exist. I have noticed a lag in the editor at times since upgrading to 9.x.


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