Very first webapp - help?

Hi, all

I have a Tapestry-based web application deployed to Tomcat on my Mac. I
have thus far been developing it in Idea as a standalone Java project,
then doing an ant deploy to get it to the server.

I would now like to try out the cool IDEA webapp features to see if they
are useful for my stuff.

How is this best done? Just create a new webapp module, and set paths?

Here are the relevant tasks from build.xml:


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If ${war.webresources} == ${war.resources}/WEB-INF, that just set ${war.resources} as a module resource root (under the "Web Module Settings" tab), and choose your web.xml as your deployment descriptor.

If not... well, I haven't tested it, but you can do everything that was described above, plus adding your ${war.webresources} as a module resource root, and set it to deploy to /WEB-INF. I'm also developing a tapestry application using IDEA, but I'm trying to keep my directory structure as close to the final deployment structure as possible, to simplify packaging. So far, everything is working great.


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