FreeMarker errors cause IDEA to stop responding

I'm using FreeMarker pretty heavily in my application, and the integration within IDEA is really good.  However, ever since upgrading to IDEA 9, whenever there is a bug in my FreeMarker template, and FreeMarker throws an exception while parsing or rendering, IDEA just hangs for over 2 minutes.  Eventually it resumes, but this happens a lot when adding new templates, and makes IDEA unusable.

Has anyone else had this problem when using FreeMarker with IDEA 9?


-- Michael


Could you provide thread dumps as described in ? Also, it would help if
you attached some of the templates which slow down IDEA.


The freemarker templates are decidedly large (some are generated and can be over 1000 lines), which may be the problem.

I've attached the thread dump logs for one of the failures.


Approximately how many FreeMarker files are there in your project?


Anyway, please try the 9.0.3 EAP from, it should be a faster in this respect.


I just tried 9.0.3 build 95.105 and it works great.  No slowness with freemarker errors.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks for reporting the problem!


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