package / filesystem bug

I did the following:
extract some sources from a zip file so that they are
on the filesystem in e.g. d:/work/math/...

Then create an IDEA project around it, with srcdir=d:/work

ok, then the package structure did not match filesystem.
correct is e.g. abc/def/someothermiddlepackage/math/...
so I did create package from IDEA (which is convenient when
you write abc.def.someother..., to create multiple packages at once).

Then I move the source files from math to abc/def/...
so that they are in the correct place.

So far so good, IDEA notices the changes.

Then I delete a few source files from IDEA (alt-f1,
show in project view, delete).
And one file just refuses to get deleted!
The editor gets closed, it disappears from project view,
but it stays on filesystem!!!!

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should at that it happens both in Pallada and also in 4.0

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I have that behaviour in Windows every now and then when another process still has the file locked, most often the Windows explorer.
A hard way to ensure that there are no locks is to use the ProcessExplorer from and do "Search -> Find" for the file name and release the file locks explicitly.
(Do that on your own risk. Must have administrator rights.)


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