How to prevent spam?

Hi Jetbrains,

Do you have any plans to avoid the increasing spam in the last weeks?
Especially avoid the crossposting in different newsgroups.

As some people may know, we have a SmartCVS mailing list. Last summer,
after some spam posts, I activated the option to moderate new user's
posts. From time to time there occured further spam posts, but since
they came from new users, these messages remained in pending state until
I decided to remove them. This kept the mailing list spam-free in the
last 11 months. This has only one small disadvantage, new "real" user's
messages get delayed a little bit, but until now nobody complained yet.

Wouldn't something similar be possible with your newsgroups, if you
could set them up, that only registered user accounts may post?


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May be Jive has option to delete specified message or thread in admin interface?



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