NoClassDefFoundError for multi-module test class dependency

My issue:

- Mutli-module (Maven) project. Module B depends on Module A
- Module A contains a helper test class (located in a Test Sources directory) that Module B's tests depend on
- At compile time, everything is resolved and works fine
- Everything works fine via the Maven build (externally or from within the IDE)

However, when I run a test in Module B that depends on the helper class located in Module A from within the IDE, I get a NoClassDefFoundError. I appears that Module A's test classes are not in the the classpath that is used to run Module B's tests.

When I look at the the dependencies for Module B (that are presumably derived from the POM file), I see module A listed as a module dependency at both compile and test scope (this is what I would expect).

I am really at a loss here. It appears that this configuration works in *almost* all case, but not being able to execute tests with the IDE is proving very problematic. Any help would be appreciated.




Thanks for the quick reply. I will check out the latest EAP.


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