Workaround for bug 10774

Bug 10774 (NPE in ToolTipManager.mouseExited) has popped up
here twice in two days. You may also have seen it. It has a couple
of duplicates.

I decided to investigate. 10774 is caused by a bug in Swing,
This bug is marked as "Closed, not reproducible", which means
that they are unable to reproduce it in JDK 1.5.

A workaround for this bug is to override removeNotify and send
a fake MouseEvent to ToolTipManager.

This will hide whatever tooltip is showing, preventing mouseExited
from accessing an invalid window later on.


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(Replying to my own message. Pitiful. :)

This only fixes one part of the bug, the part when a component
is deleted. The other part is described in

This needs more investigation.



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