IDEA 9.0.2 hangs with Grails

I'm having problems with 9.0.2 where it hangs with when editing Grails files. When this happens, I have to kill the IDE process from task manager. 9.0.1 seems to be running fine.
The thread dump is attached. Is there anything else needed?

I'm running Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit, with java 1.6.0-18, also 64 bit.



Forgot to mention, Grails version is 1.2.1


Thanks for the link about thread dump logging. I actually attached the thread dump that I got using visualvm.
I switched the Intellij to use 32-bit JVM and it seems that it runs better than on 64-bit JVM. I haven't experienced the same problems since ther switch.
If it happens again, I will definitely attach the thread dumps created by Intellij.

Thanks for your help.


Actually, what you have attached was a thread dump of Grails itself,
which doesn't matter here. I was interested in thread dumps of IDEA, so,
looking forward to them if the hang repeats!


It happened again 5 minutes ago. I have attached the thread dumps from the system/log.
Let me know if I need to upload the CPU snapshots too (these take little bit more time to set up)


Yep, that's a bug that should have been fixed in the 9.0.3 EAP. Please try it from


Thank you for your help, I will try that.


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