Package view empty

I'm new to Intellij and I'm a little confused by something. When I have the Project tree view set to View as packages, one of my modules doesn't show any packages (only the libraries). I have 3 other modules that all show the packages and classes as expected. If I switch to view as projects the offending module does have classes in it's source directory and I can edit them. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something dumb but I can't figure it out.


Hi Derek,

The only idea is that you didn't configure source roots for the problem module, however, it's hard to be sure wihout additional information.

Can I ask you provide screenshots of the problem module representation at 'Project' and 'Packages' views and/or create and provide minimal but complete standalone example that illustrates the problem?



I ended up deleting all of project directories and settings. Then, starting from scratch. Everything seems to be working now. I'm not really sure what was going on but something definitely got messed with my project. Thanks for offering assistance.


Glad to hear that it's ok now.

Please, don't hesitate to ask for further assistance.


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