properties file many encoding

Am I missing something or ij only supports one encoding per project for all the properties files?
The encoding override at the file level seems to be blocked for them.
Since at least Tapestry and GWT uses utf8 for properties files, this would be a problem.
Especially when you have some classic iso-8859-1/latin1 properties files in your project too.
For the moment Ill have to use an external editor for my utf8 gwt properties files.


Exactly I would like to do that for properties files.
But the encoding drop down is frozen for properties file.
It has been like this for at least the last year.
It is probably because somebody tought that properties file are always iso-8859-1.
It might have been the case 10 years ago but not anymore since, Tapestry and GWT (and potentially other framework that dont use the classic ResourceBundle)


You get 4 points if I get an issue number


I checked the code and assure that custom encoding for properties files is not supported by IDEA at the moment.

However, I don't have any principle objection from adding such a functionality - IDEA-54670.


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