Re: Feature Request: iPhone/Cocoa Support

Hello Nathan,

>>> I'm also very excited about the news of Jetbrains Objective-C IDE!
>>> The question is if Apple will allow to use other tool than XCode to
>>> develop iPhone apps...
>> At the moment there are no restrictions on the tools used to develop
>> an app, and there's no way for Apple to determine which IDE or text
>> editor was used to write the code of an app.
>>> Do anybody knows the release date?
>> The project is at a very early stage and we ourselves have no idea
>> about the release date.

Apple doesn't seem to think so :
Mind you it may well be that Adobe's software compiles down to an app
directly rather than generating source, and it's that which they can

We're very much aware of the new terms and conditions in the SDK license
agreement, but they don't say anything about IDEs. With our IDE, you would
still be coding in C or Objective-C, designing the UI with Apple's Interface
Builder and compiling the code with Apple's gcc or clang compiler. The only
thing relevant to us that they seem to forbid is using MPS to develop iPhone
applications. :)

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with Pleasure!"

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How much longer do we have to wait.  My eyes bleed and I am loosing my hair everyday that I have to use Xcode!  Please make this pain stop!

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Any screenshot?    It is a good news.


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