9.0.2 Flex Support plugin missing


I realize I am probably missing something but I cannot figure this out.

I have just downloaded IDEA 9.0.2 and wanted to create a new Flex Module, but the option is not there in the "Select Type" list (only Java, Plugin and Maven modules are there). Also there is no Tools->Flex menu.
I assumed the Flex plugin is not installed by default (although it was  in previous versions), so I went to File->Settings->Plugins. I was right, Flex Support is not listed in the "Installed" tab. The problem is, it is not there in the "Available" list either so it cannot be installed.
What am I missing?


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The Flex support is not part of the community edition, it's in the commercial version only.
Perhaps at some point JetBrains could package it into a dedicated product (like RubyMine) with a reduced price (since it would not be including Java support).

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Thanks, that was it. I have downloaded the community edition by mistake.
I was sure I did something wrong. I am too tired .


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