-Xms not working in 9.0.2.

I set the value to -Xms512m and the application shows 82m of 127m on the status line. This happened after I updated to the latest version


Where did you set this? In <IDEA_9.0.2_PATH>/bin/idea.exe.vmoptions ?


Correct, the file contains...


BTW, the -server option does not appear to be working but that has been broken for awhile.

This might happen if you use the vmoptions plugin. Just restart and all is back to normal...



I start Idea from the Idea.exe file in the bin directory. I am running Window 7 64 bit.

I have not had a problem until I upgraded to 9.0.2


Where are you getting your numbers from ?
Is this version of IJ acting differently from previous version of IJ ? I don't see a change in this version of IJ.

The memory usage icon in the lower right hand gutter of IJ has allways displayed how much total heap or maybe heap+perm space is used not how much is allocated.
Windows task manager to me also appears to report how much is used, even though java on windows reserves the max memory on startup.



Make sure UAC is not playing tricks on you. Java doesn't seem to see the virtualized files that windows uses if an application tries to write to c:\program files. You could try to run a text editor with administrator priviledges and edit the idea.exe.vmoptions file with that editor. The problem is UAC related if that solves your problem.

Please see also here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-27241


That seems to have worked. I set the UAC to 'allow everything' and it now works.


I don't think the -server option is used unless you start it up via the .bat file on Windows.


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