Why does POM need to be re-imported after committing it to VCS?

Here's a pretty typical workflow for me:

1) Make changes to POM

2) IntelliJ IDEA prompts to reimport POMs. I do such

3) Run build and test

4) commit POM to VCS (TFS in this case)

5) IntelliJ IDEA prompts to import changes

I'm not understanding why step #5 happens. That is the need to reimport the POMs after committing them to the VCS. The POMs have not changed.(I do not want to change to auto-import because I like to be able to make all necessary changes to my POMs and then import them given the size of our project and the time it takes to re-import.)

Is this something that could be "fixed" if I submitted a YouTrack on it?


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Do you have the option "Reformat code" checked in the check-in dialog?  If you have, then the Pom XML is probably being reformatted on check-in which is causing the prompt to reimport.

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Ah... good catch Simon. I do not have reformat code selected, but I do have update copyright selected. Basically the same concept. Makes sense now why that is happening. I had not thought of that (obviously). Thanks for the feedback.


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