Variables from TagExtraInfo: how does it work?

If I understand correctly, IDEA loads and invokes TEI classes from project
classpath, and creates completion variants from that information.

Out of curiosity, does IDEA just create a UrlClassLoader from all project
libraries, and use that to load the TEI class? What if the TEI class is part
of project source, and has not been compiled yet?


I'm working in a project that has TEI classes in the source of that web project and when the TEI class is not compiled, then there is no completion. (but if it is compiled, then there is :)



You are basically right. The only quirk is to use IDEA's UrlClassLoader
since std. one locks jars (please check the right constructor).

If there's no compiled class - there's no completion. (we have a cruel
russian joke about this :) ). Of course, we could try to use java
interpreter instead of compiled class, but I doubt it's really practical.


Could it be that this is broken completly in 9.0.2 ? It used to work for me partially in 9.0.1, except for TEIs that extended other ones.
regards, toby


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