groovy compiler problem ("is not abstract and does not override setMetaData...")


I got a problem compiling a groovy test class (using webtest).

Following compiles:
class BlaTest extends GroovyTestCase{
  void testBla() {   }

Following does NOT compile:
import com.canoo.webtest.WebtestCase
class BlaTest extends WebtestCase {
  void testBla() {  }

The error message is: "BlaTest is not abstract and does not override abstract method setMetaClass() ....."
The webtest library is  included as a maven module (normal maven run is executing the test-class without problem).
I am using   9.0.1

Are there any ideas what could be the cause?


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I just noticed that Intellij 9.0.2 got final. The upgrade was worth it, problem doesn't occur any longer :)


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