Global library is partially recognised in multimodule project

Decription of the problem:

1. Create project.
2. Create from scratch/include module (M1) which is dependent from "richfaces" Global library.
3. Check XHTML files - tag library(ies) defined in "richfaces" are recognized.
4. Add another module (M2) which is also dependent from "richfaces" and in this module the tag library is not recognized, but in source files Classes are recognized.
Note, that if I Include in project M2 first, then described problem will have module M1.
Also both modules are dependent from other Global library "jsf" and it is recognized always.

What can be the reason of this issue?
This is reproduced on Linux 32/64bit, Windows Vista 32bit.
IntelliJ Ultimate 9.0.1 Build #UI-93.94
JDK: 1.6.18+


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Do both modules have JSF facets?
Could you attach your project?

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I'm sorry for complex question and stupid mistake I made. I just made enabled "Enable facelets support for XHTML and JSPX file types" for the module where tags from "richfaces" (containing richfaces jars) were unrecongnized and my problem was fixed. But the strange thing was that both modules used "jsf" library and jsf facets were recognized without problem. I guess, when Intelli detects facets automatically either I ignored it or it might be usefult to check this detecting in multimodule project. Anyway, you can mark this topic invalid or something, thanks for reply which pushed me to review all my settings .


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