Maven: imported dependencyManagement not working

I'm using Maven 2.2.1 and really enjoying the IDEA integration — except for one thing.

I have a parent pom to a project that uses scope:import to pull in all the dependenyManagement (versions) from another pom.

      <!-- this will import the dependencyManagement version from the java-services pom -->

This works flawlessly from the command line (and save a ton on duplicate version definitions for this particular set of dependencies).   But IDEA underlines the project as red and indicates "dependecies.dependency.version is missing for xyz:jar".    The version definition that it is looking for is coming from the above pom import.

(The attached screen shot might be more clear)

I'm using IDEA 9.0.2 build 95.24.

Screen shot 2010-04-14 at 1.41.25 PM.PNG

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