IDE question: word wrap + edited code zoom in/out?

Hi All,

I'm starting using IntelliJ IDEA to code Grails applications. I have 2 questions regarding the ide itself:

1/ I use the setting / code style / wrapping menu to configure wrapping for everything but it doesn't work at all. I still need to scroll for long lines. How can I make any line wrapped as soon as it hits the right side of the editor in Groovy, HTML, XML codes ???

2/ I like to be able to scroll text size while coding. using the mouse wheel the text gets smaller, but it can't get back to his original size ... how to fix that (zoom in/out feature) ?
* how can I change the direction of the wheel : I want up = bigger text (zoom in), down = smaller text(zoom out) like in web browsers ...
* how can I configure Keymap so that crt+arrow up = zoom in, crt+arrow down=zoom out, I personalize keymap in settings but it doesn't work.

Thanks for your help, these feature are usefull for productivity ... I use these settings in VS studio everyday.

NB: the "Post New Thread in IntelliJ IDEA Users" of this site doesn't work under Opera 10 web browser.



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