Auto import not always working anymore

I have the checkboxes "show import popup", "optimize imports on the fly" and "add unambigouos imports on the fly" all checked in the Auto Import settings.

There are a few things set in "exclude from import and completion", such as "org.omg.CORBA" etc... to have it import more things automatically instead of showing a window to choose which package to import from.

But none of the packages from classes that should be auto-imported right now are excluded there.

This auto import used to work quite good, but the last time, quite often it doesn't do anything anymore. Only if I move the cursor over the to-be-imported class, it shows a blue box that says to press "alt enter" to import it. And this while there's only one choice of package to import so it could have done it unambigiously!

What could cause this, that it shows that blue box and requires pressing alt+enter, when in the past it'd auto import almost everything that was unambigiously possible?

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