A Fixed and a Bump

Firstly, the SCR
http://www.intellij.net/tracker/idea/viewSCR?publicId=7543 should be
closed as it's now fixed.

I found this while I was searching for
http://www.intellij.net/tracker/idea/viewSCR?publicId=4497 - I just
thought I'd bump this one back into the pot as it looks like the last
time it was reviewed was before Ariadna - quoting Dmitry Lomov "This is
a nice feature, though I do not think that it will make its way into
Ariadna"!!! Not even Aurora or Pallada by the looks of it! ;)

I personally would really like this simple thing to be done, as even
though I've been using IDEA for ages now, most of the time I still
select the sub-word that I want to change before I invoke the rename
refactoring which is a waste of time as I have to do it again when the
dialog appears. It has a few votes and a duplicate so I assume it would
be useful to others too.


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