Path issues working with Branches in Subversion on Branching and in Merge View

I have a project which uses a Release-Branch /branches/1.1.x/ and a Development /trunk/ in Subversion.
The goal is to apply bugfixes in the release branch and merge them back to trunk. The Project files are located under the named directories.

In my IDEA (IU95.24) project for the 1.1.x-Branch I've setup the merge view as follow:

From: <repositoryroot>/name1/name2/branches/1.1.x

To:     trunk
          <project dir of a trunk checkout>

The mergeview does not work. It does not respect existing merginfo properties. If I manually try to mark a revision as merged, IDEA reports a dialog "Mark as merged" Dialog with

     Source branch URL:  <repositoryroot>/name1/name2/branches
     Target branch URL:  <repositoryroot>/name1/name2/trunk

I reveive the following new mergeinfo property:


Note: The /branches/1.1.x entry is the existing, right one.

IDEA seems to guess wrong locations of the root directories. From my point-of-view the Source branch URL should spell <...>/branches/1.1.x, not <...>/branches. I expierienced a similar issue when I try to create a branch via IDEA: Instead of a /branches/1.1.x/ IDEA creates a /branches/1.1.x/trunk unlessI manually specify the source URL with a trailing slash. Adding a trailing slash in the source URL for the merge view does not help.

Any hints on how to workaorund that? Naturally I assume that I do it the "right" way therefore I wonder why this does not work for me.

Thanks for you support!
- Ben

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