hibernate.cfg.xml appears twice in the Persistence pane


I imported a Maven-based project into IDEA and IDEA detected the Hibernate facet for the project and after creating the Hibernate facet now the single hibernate.cfg.xml file of the project appears twice in the Persistence pane with two different icons as it can be seen in the attached screenshot. Shouldn't only 1 hibernate.cfg.xml appear in the Persistence pane?


Screen shot 2010-04-09 at 4.21.56 PM.png
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This is not a bug at least: the first item is a configuration file, added to Hibernate facet, and the second is session-factory, defined in the file. The label is the same, because, I presume, "name" attribute of session-factory element is not set.

Another question is: should these two be better merged into one tree item. Well, maybe, I have no strict opinion.



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