I do not want to have to use Eclipse again!

I had used Eclipse on and off for about 3 years but just in the past month of using IntelliJ I really do love this IDE. It is easy to figure out and the intellisense is awesome. Currently working on a jsp, java, javascript application with ExtJS libraries and this thing is picking up everything that I write. Holy cow thats awesome.

The issue I am having though is that I am also trying to do my own work with BlackBerry development and am not sure what I must do to configure IntelliJ to do the development.

The worst part I think is that my system is Windows 7 64bit. I tried to download and get the RIM IDE to work but it wont work and I cant get any direct support for getting it to work other than people telling me to try using Eclipse. If I cant use the RIM IDE then I'd much rather user IntelliJ.

Anyone have any experience setting up IntelliJ for BlackBerry development?

I have IntelliJ version 9.0.1

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