Application expects grails version [1.1.1], but GRAILS_HOME is version [null]


since I upgraded the Intellij Idea from 8.1.3 to 8.1.4 i cannot run my grails application anymore. It fails with the following error message:

Running script C:\grails-1.1.1\scripts\RunApp.groovy
Environment set to development
Application expects grails version [1.1.1], but GRAILS_HOME is version [null] - use the correct Grails version or run 'grails upgrade' if this Grails version is newer than the version your application expects.
Disconnected from the target VM, address: '', transport: 'socket'

Process finished with exit code 1

I keep getting the same error message even after running 'grails upgrade'. In settings -> Path variables the GRAILS_HOME variable is set to the correct grails folder.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Thx, Kilian


Same problem here with any Grails version, but only on Windows ... on my mac everything works fine. Seems that 8.1.4 on Win is unusable for Grails development.


me, three
and I just submitted a bug report as well and got a reply saying "Our developers are working on this issue."

FWIW I wasn't setting any PATH variables within Intellij, but have just been using windows environment variables to set GRAILS_HOME.


I got mine working.

Look at the command line IntelliJ is launching the grails app with.
Is the classpath a mile long - with duplicate entries?

Mine was.  In my case my Grails User Library had references to stuff when my GRAIL_HOME was in a different location which was on a network drive.  These appeared repeatedly in the (run-app) launch command's classpath.  I removed the bad entries from Grails User Library and the classpath reduced to only some bootstrap stuff and not all my plugin jars.



Thanks a lot Steve,

that helped!


Oh no! Every time I install a plugin it reverts back all dependencies in Grails User Library and I have to remove them manually. Hope this get's fixed soon, please!


Could you provide more details, which entries are bad, do they appear to
be connected with the installed Grails plugins?


In my case, it is because that I have jar which contains "" in its root (the jar is from GraniteDS). I had to separate that jar from grails app's classpath.
Similarly people complained about Quartz.jar too.


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