Using IntelliJ 9.0.1 / Windows 7 / Dell laptop - cannot close project or exit app

Using IntelliJ 9.0.1 / Windows 7 / Dell laptop, I cannot close a project or exit IntelliJ.  Has anyone seen this issue?  Does anyone know of a solution? Is there any other information that I need to give for this issue?

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It could be that IntelliJ is doing thread dumps while exiting and getting stuck. I just noticed today that it can get stuck in what seems an infinate loop when doing so.
Look under your HOME/.IntelliJIdea90/system/log to see if this is the case.

Each time IJ starts up it will create a new directory under the log directory. Zip up that folder and all subfolders and attach it to a bug report.
Also attach the idea.log file and maybe the idea.1 log file to the YouTrack bug report.

If you file a bug report make it as detailed as possible as to what operations you did last before trying to exit IntelliJ.
Include both the version of the JDK that IJ was running under as well as the JDK version your project was using.
In the past I have attached JConsole or Visualvm to intelliJ to watch memory usage to see if I need to increase my heap space or perminate space.



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You might also want to try and disable all third-party plug-ins. Often such radical problems are a result of a rouge plug-in. If that fixes the issue you can enable them one by one or via a binary search pattern until you find the trouble maker.


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