Create JavaEE application

Hi all!

I have a problem with create/configure JavaEE application in IDEA.

For example I want make project structure as in NetBeans. There  I have three separate projects - EJB project(contains my ejb beans), WEB project - with my servlets, pages, etc. And Java EE project that wrap web and ejb project and resolve compilation dependency. In NetBeans I can create some service Interface in EJB project and use it in the WEB.

How it can I do with Intellij IDEA???



I didn't work much with JavaEE. But it looks that you need to create 1 IDEA project with 3 modules, and set module dependencies between them in Project Settings dialog.



If i did it, should I remove its dependency in artifacts configuration for web(war)  projects???


It's up to you. Depending on what do you want to get in the artifact's output.


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