svn dump/load via Intellij IDE

Anyone know if it is possible to do an svn dump or load via the IDE (version 9)?



For what should that be good? Do you want to (ab)use IDEA to set up your SVN


Not in anyway an abuse.  Anytime my IDE can save me hassle I think it is a worthwhile endeavor.  There are many other examples of this already in the IDE which makes it such a helpful product.
If it was possible for it to make bacon, I would request that too, because bacon is good.

The question still stands, does Intellij offer an option to "svn dump" or "svn load"?


Isn't it, that usually svn dumps are performed on the SVN server, but IDEA
is used on a normal client machine? Note, that IDEA "only" contains a SVN
client and surely is not designed for SVN administrative purposes.


The answer is: IDEA does not help with dump/load.
Indeed, these operations are not that often and are rather administrative than for routine working cycle.


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