Why is deployment so confusing?

Using Intellij 9.0.1, I can't get a simple web deployment to work as expected.

In MyEclipse all you have to do is select your application server from the main toolbar and deploy it once (you can pick exploded for development and archive for production). Then each time you change a file, it's automatically copied to production (for the exploded model). And, it works.

With Intellij, I'm stuck among (correctly creating) "Artifacts", Run Configurations, Output Directories, Getting output to the Tomcat webapps folder and such. I've yet to actually do it successfully! I'm sure it's all "in there", but it's utterly confusing compared to MyEclipse's simple-and-working approach. I've been working on this for hours, but it never "clicks".

Experimenting today...trying to get Intellij IDEA to do what I want. I had two weird problems. In one case, Intellij copied the entire webapps folder to the "out" directory. In another case, Intellij seemed to copy (only) part of the web app into the Tomcat webapps folder and deleted everything else there!

Sadly, I'm about to give up on this product.

I like may of its features, but the usability just doesn't make sense. Hour after hour....

The technical support however is excellent.


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