Compc SWC from Modules with Spaces

Just came across a new problem with the Flex Module.

When I attempt to compile a SWC from a module that has spaces in its name, it errors out on the first space. For example "Test Component" Errors on "Test".

If I switch to compile as SWF it works fine, If i refactor --> rename the Module (not the directory) to something without spaces like "Test_Component"
everything works just fine.

Is there a way i can submit bugs? or do i just post stuff here like this?


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I couldn't reproduce the issue. Screenshots and more details are welcome.

If you are sure that there's a bug you may file it here:

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If it helps at all I am in a Windows 7 64bit box I am not sure if you were testing on another OS.

I will get you some screenshots later today, if seems to error specifically on the First Word of the
module name (when a space is used). Like possibly the module name is not getting escaped out
but everything else in the path is.

So module name is
My Flash Game

path is
/flash development/games/dev/My Flash Game

it errors on the "My"

Renaming just themodule name to My_Flash_Game fixes it.

Like i said i will attach some screenshots later.

thanks again


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