Is it possible to custom debug?

I mean, when I try to debug, IntelliJ IDEA goes to fetch my class in the production dir,
is it possible to change this? My ant script produces a different output structure in other dirs,
I'd like to attach debugger to a class with main which is in such dirs...

Is it possible to debug remotely?
The Debugging configuration doesn't look so customizable, lokks like you're forced to use the IntelliJ IDEA make project.
I mean, if I create debuggable byte code with Ant, it should be possible to attach debugger there, isn't it?

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I managed to find a way by modifying module output path.
I'd be nice to be able to configure addintional classpath to the command IDEA runs to start debigging, is there a way to do that?

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Try adding the ant output directories in a lib? Or if this doesn't work, create another module that depends on the original one and adds the ant paths as a lib?

It all depends on the way idea builds the classpath, and wether the ant output directories should be before the module output directories...

And just thought of it, if the other suggestions don't work try adding the ant output directories using the standard java ext directories runtime parameters. IIRC, these always take precedence over the classpath.


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Gigi, just create a remote debug configuration, start your application with corresponding debug parameters (see hints about them in the just created remote run configuration) and attach with debugger to already running VM.


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