One source tree used by many modules

I want to maintain 1 source tree in source control, but I have a need for multiple modules. I have some EJB's, some common VO's and Exceptions and multiple Struts Web Apps that front end them.

Is there a way to have one directory with the source tree and others that root the various modules with the necessary WEB-INF and META-INF directories?

I have tried to make a java module with all source and various other ejb and web modules that depend on it to make the modules, but each module must include ALL of the classes from the master source module or NONE. There seems to be no granularity. I wnat to be able to pick and choose what goes in to the deployments.

One of the best features of JBuilder is if you want to build an archive like a jar or war you tell it the root of the classes; that is, the required entry point classes and it figures out for you what other classes also need to be brought in based on the needs of those classes. You can customize exactly what goes into each module from all the various dependancies and libraries.

Is there a way to do any of this?

While I would love to see the auto determination in the product now or in the future what I need to know is how I can get the modules loaded without each web and ejb module containing ALL classes from the common source tree.

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