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I'd also like to use this in my loved IntelliJ IDEA



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Erik, thanks for the link.  It was an interesting demo, but I'm not sure how practical is it.

The freeform bubbles design is cool, but it seemed to require an awful lot of mousing around. I like to use keyboard as much as possible, so it didn't seem very compatible with my usage.  Having to manage the bubbles you created and panning/zooming would be a hassle.

The debugging example was interesting, but I'm not sure if it's really more productive than what I do currently in IDEA -- if I am stepping into a method whcih is several levels deep in the callstack, I can jump back and forth between different frames in the callstack and then jump back to the current execution point.

For examining the callers and callees of a method, I think IDEA View->Call Hierarchy tree give a more compact and navigatible representation than showing it as bubbles of code.



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