Failure to recognize source directory

I set the source directory, but at some arbitrary depth the package folders are not recognized as source.  In the project structure window, drilling down the folders indeed have the blue dot.  But in Project View in the editor, they do not.  What might I be missing?  Any suggestions for trouble shooting this?


I should add I have confirmed the root directory is correct.  The package names in all my files are correct.  The directory structure is correct.  After the seventh folder deep, the folders are no longer recognized as source (no blue dot).


Have you tried invalidating the caches/indexes (File | Invalidate Caches) and restarting IDEA? It's possible the caches are simply corrupted.

The other possibility is to make sure the package is not in the compile exclude list (Settings | Project Settings | Compiler | Excludes) - but if that were the case, you'd still have the blue dot in Project View, but an additional small gray X icon in the top left corner.


The only time I've had this is when I've accidentally used a Java-protected keyword in the package.  For some reason no warning is shown, but it definitely had the effect of severing the code from that level down.


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