Changing default Flex UI size?

I'm relatively new to Flex and also to some of the project configuration settings in IntelliJ 9 (I'm coming from IntelliJ 7).  I have all my Java code in the main source tree and created different modules to contain my Flex code.  When I initially created the Flex module, it gave me the option to define the initial size which I think defaults to something like 300x400.  Now I can't seem to find how to change the default size and would really appreciate any help!

The first thing I tried was to make the width/height of my mx:Application to be 100% and then tried actual values.  I quickly noticed that the original size I set was the limiting factor.  I went into the html wrapper and also the .js file and modified the width/height to be 100% of the browser window.  I'm completely lost at this point...I thought I remember seeing a way to display this setup window again when I had my Flex application in the main project source tree.

Please let me know if I should provide any additional information regarding my issue!

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I suppose you are talking about the size of swf in the html page (which you have seen at HTML Wrapper creation dialog). The size is in the wrapper, i.e. in the file that is by default called wrapper.html and by default is created in your source folder. Open it and look for "400" and "300" strings in it (Ctrl+F). These values are present in 3 places in this file.

By the way you can create wrapper not only at module creation step but at any time by clicking Tools | Flex | Create HTML Wrapper.

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Thanks that helped!  I didn't know how this wrapper file was regenerated so this is a good tip and also allowed me to go in and change the default size.

So here's where it gets a little strange:  Before I posted the question I tried to go into the generated html file directly (as you mentioned) to change the size but it didn't work which is why I was so confused.  I tried changing the size inside of several different html wrappers (3 places to change in each file) and nothing seemed to work.  I also deleted the temporary flex config xml files and also the compiled output to force a complete rebuild.  What is weird is that when I just started my laptop, I deployed to the app server and all the changes I made to the size in the html wrapper files all of a sudden started working.  

Thanks for the help with this!


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