Minimizing IntelliJ and runaway JVM

Hi all -

The basic problem I am experiencing is; when I have IntelliJ minimized for a period of time on Win XP (1hr I guess) maximizing it and trying to get back to work
the IDE is terribly slow. I notice in the task manager that the JVM has gone nuts and I just have to kill the process.

This happens every day and is very frustrating. Is there a setting that I need to use that I am not aware of that will help this issue?
Does anyone else have this issue?

I do not experience this with the "other IDE" if you catch my drift.

Any help would be great thanks!

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Windows by default swaps all the applications memory to disk when the window is minimized.
If you have enough RAM you can disable that (on Sun's, err, Oracle's JVM) by setting
in idea.exe.vmoptions.

Or simply (with lots of RAM) disable Window's paging file alltogether.
Let me know if this helps.


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