Junit and grails integration tests issue

Hi all,

I am a grails developer. When I try to run integration tests using JUnit my test fail if I use dynamic mehods like save(), validate(), findAll() etc. So as I understand grails environment is not enabled before JUnit starts the tests.I use 8.1.3 version. Can I configurate Intellij Idea to make it load grails dynamic methods before JUnit is started? Or maybe more later versions of Idea already do that?

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Could you post a sample stacktrace here?

IDEA's JUnit integration isn't supposed to run integration tests since
it doesn't load the entire IoC container and other Grails internals. The
Grails unit tests may run as JUnit ones, though it's not guaranteed.

IDEA 9 has a JUnit-like interface to the Grails test runner.


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