intellij 8.1.3, maven 2, lost jar's

Hi all!

I have two multi-module projects (consider one as common and the other as real impl using dependencies to common artifacts). When both projects are build by mvn on the cmd-line everything works as expected.
After attaching both projects to Intellij building using the IDE is working as expected, too (no error shown). Unfortunately the WAR misses 3 artifacts (jar's) from my common area which causes a CNF later.
When build by mvn directly on the CMD-line all jars get included in the WAR. Next I tried to override the maven version to make sure IDE and cmd-line uses the same mvn version (2.2.1). Same effect: build by Intellij still misses 3 Jar's.
Surprisingly the "exploded" deployment of my web app is running.

I found an old thread "Maven2 issue" from 2007 where exactly the same problem is described, but that's an realy old thread so can't believe it's the same in the 8

Any hint is realy appreciated, because I am quite confused.


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