Code COmpletion and Goto Class refinement


Often when I do searches/completion I find that there are certain Classes every library in the world feels it must implement (see attachement). Take for example "Message" or "Listener" or "Logger". Let me note here that I am doing J2EE development and we have dozens of 3rd party libs in the classpath.

So I end up with a dialog window full of identical objects found all over the place. I find that this is less then optimal, specially when using the wrong class might result in some strange behavior that will not necessarily be caught early... or that causes strange exceptions until you think... "did I import a class with the same name but from an other lib".

Ok, you are all going to say... hey dummy the package is right next to it. And this is part of my point...

Can anyone think of a better way of doing that so that reading the list is more effective: I have a suggestions:

What we get at moment in list:

Message (in org.apache.soap.messaging)
Message (in javax.jms)
Message (in

suggestion - provide some parent packages:

soap.messaging.Message (in org.apache)
etools.validation.Message (in

This way we still have all the info... but a list of unique objects. I would assume that this would be configurable. This way you could have more or less package depth exposed up front.

What do you guys think?

Florian Hehlen


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