How to create IDEA artifact from maven assembly

I am using IDEA 9.0.1 and trying to deploy artifacts to tomcat using Configurations.  My project is a maven project as well, and one war I am trying to get to deploy to tomcat is generated by a maven assembly.  For those not familiar, this basically means maven generates 2 wars, the normal build war and a war based on how my assembly is defined.  IDEA recognizes the normal war as an artifact that can be deployed in a Tomcat configuration but I cannot figure out a way to add the assembly war to the list of recognized artifacts in IDEA to be able to be deployed.

Basically I have 2 wars in a maven target directory, one is recognized by IDEA, the other is not and I cannot figure out how to make it become recognized.

I'm guessing this is a forehead slapper once I see the light.  Anyone have any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


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