Can't add RESTful web service to existing module

Witness the IDEA docs, which say that one can add a RESTful web service interface to an existing module in IDEA 9.

It turns out not to be true.  If I follow these instructions I am given the following choices: Apache Axis, Glassfish..., JAX_RPC, XFire 1.X...   No RESTful.

If I create a NEW module, it does give the RESTful option.  But that doesn't help me, since I have a mature web application for which I'd like to add a RESTful interface.

Did I miss something?  Is there a workaround?

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What about Add Framework Support... action? Just go to Project View, select your module and call Add Framework Support from popup menu. Then select WebServices, and then RESTful WS. This will setup facet and all necessary libraries.


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