Breakpoint does not work

I tried in idea 6 and idea 8, it just did not stop at the breakpoint and the "pause program" button was grey.
I use tomcat and the project is a spring-based website. I guess it is not the problem of the project itself.
Anyone has met this problem? Any solution?
I really need to debug.

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Are you sure your deployed classes/war/jar whatever is up to date with what is in IDEA? Are you using IDEA to deploy to Tomcat locally or remotely? What version of Tomcat are you running? I seem to recall some issues with debugging in various older versions of IDEA. I would think 8 is probably better to be working with in this regard then using 6. You could also try searchin JIRA for any debugger related issues in version 8 and seeing if there's anything that might be relevant.



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