Minor trouble with error checking in jpql queries

I have an orm.xml file in a JPA project. The code fragment below demonstrates the problem...

<named-query name="getRequestListForMRI">
            SELECT ar
            FROM AuthorizationRequest AS ar
                JOIN ar.moratoriumRight mri
                JOIN mri.validFishingMoratorium laf
                JOIN FETCH ar.validQualifyingLevel
                JOIN FETCH ar.status
                JOIN FETCH ar.vesselPermitNum
            WHERE laf.moratoriumName = :moratoriumName
                AND ar.authorizationRequestPK.requestDate BETWEEN :startDate AND :endDate
                AND mri.mri = :mri

The editor report errors on the line "JOIN mri.validfishingMoratorium laf" and
the final line "AND mri.mri" complaining it can't resolve the expressions
mri.validFishingMoratorium and mri.mri. The error is reproducible. If I reference
a nested association (third level) or deeper from the root object
returned in the select clause, Intellij can't
resolve it and reports the error.


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