deletes wrong folder!

i was moving the last class of a toplevel package (say src/mypackage)
to another dir (e.g. src/other/package), so that the source package then was empty.

Then I deleted mypackage from the project view.
It was a multimodule project, btw.

The bug: IDEA deleted the complete src-folder instead !!!

Luckily it could be restored by Local History. Luckily because I was just about to do some refactorings before
adding it to CVS repository ;)
Strange: when deleting mypackage I get a warning that
it cannot be undone - but I could undo it by local history.

The deletion of src instead of src/mypackage is
repeatable for my project.

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ok - sorry! Please forget it.

I was moving from src/mypackage to src/mypackage/otherpackage
and deleted src/mypackage which contains all other packages.
Thus the src-folder was empty
-> no bug in IDEA.

Sorry, should drink more coffee...


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