Misc problems with Maia 94.273

1. I wrote a utility that tidies the lead comments of my Java source
code.  It tidies the 1,100 *.java source files in the project.  I am
then supposed to click Synchronise, but if I forget, IntelliJ locks me
into a loop where I must click "FS" 1,100 times.  The only way out I
could think of is to use the Task Manager to kill IntelliJ.  It should
let me cancel or say "FS to all" or "memory to all".

2.I had a class called com.mindprod.common11.StringTools for use in
JDK 1.1+. It contains only static classes. I then extended it with
com.mindprod.common15.StringTools.  This compiles with JDK 1.5.
However this seemed to endlessly confuse IntelliJ.  It would ask for a
import to resolve the abiguity when it already  had an import. It
would say it could not find the class. It would fully qualify it
needlessly.  Eventually I renamed
com.mindprod.common15.StringTools to
com.mindprod.common15.StringToolsAugmented and all this strange
behaviour went away.

3. When I renamed com.mindprod.common15.StringTools to
com.mindprod.common15.StringToolsAugmented, the name in the left panel
changed, but not the name in the top tab.  I discovered the file name
had not changed. I manually changed it, and all seemed to work ok.
When I did  the  class rename, it also failed to rename the protected
dummy constructor.  I think somehow this reuse of the class name in
two different packages in two different modules with inheritance
confused IntelliJ.

Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products

Imagine an architect who would never admit to making sketches, blueprints or erecting scaffolds. In his view, the finished building speaks for itself. How could a young architect learn from such a man? Mathematicians traditionally refuse ever to disclose the intuitions that lead them to a conjecture, or the empirical tests to see if it were likely true, or the initial proofs. They are like chefs who refuse to disclose their recipes, ingredients or techniques.

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