Manifest classpath in j2ee artifact


I'm having problems to automatically build the classpath inside a JAR that is inside an EAR. The EAR layout is as follows:

/META-INF (with aplication.xml referencing ejb.jar)
/lib     (with a bunch of third party libraries)
ejb.jar (with my compiled beans)
servlets.war (with my compiled servlets)

Both "ejb.jar" and "servlets.war" modules make use of the libraries inside the /lib folder, thus a MANIFEST.MF file must be inside the META-INF folder of each module with the appropriate class-path. In earlier versions of IntelliJ (8 and older) this was made with the "link via manifest" option, but with all this new "artifacts" thing I can't find any option to automatically build the manifest classpaths.

May be am I using a bad EAR building scheme?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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