How to set default scope for subsequent "find in path" search?


This functionality arrived with IDEA 6 or 7 .. I can't remember ... and it's being annoying me ever since.

When I do a "find in path" search, do not find what I am looking for and decide to refine my search... I hit CtrlShiftF again only to have the Scope narrowed to a directory of one of the search results from the first search.

More often than not I am simply wanting to refine my search in "Whole Project" Scope, not narrow my search to a Directory Scope... so now I have to manually change the scope for my subsequent search .. or escape out of the seach dialog and search results tab and CtrlShiftF to reset the scope.

So... is there a way to configure a default scope (always)?


The silence is deafening.

I've just moved from IDEA to RubyMine ... and it's worse!
In RubyMine the directory scope is default if you happen to be in the Project view pane with a file selected.
Since I have autoscroll to and from source always ticked then this happens quite often.
Can someone please direct me to an option that lets me dictate the default search scope?  It's most annoying .. particuarly when the "functionality" was there in previous versions.


Can't believe this issue first came up in 2008, and more than a decade later, 2019. Default "Find in Path" still tries to look through all the file system and just hang there waiting for infinity.


Find in Path remembers the last search scope used. By default it does exactly what the title says, finds in paths which includes all the contents of your project directories.


Serge Baranov, assuming "Find In Path" is now "Find in Files..." that's not entirely true. Every time you close a project, IDEA (2020.3+ at this point) forgets the last Scope used. Having had to set my preferred scope every single time I open a particular project (for the last 2 years), I'm painfully aware of this annoyance. Yes, it remembers it while the project is open, but when I close it at the end of the day, then open it the next, all of a sudden I'm searching the entire project which includes hundreds of library/framework files I don't care about. "Default Scope for Project" would be a fantastic setting, yet it doesn't exist. Does it?


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