Plugins with pleasure

I would see deactivate Plugins rather than uninstall Plugin, why every time
uninstall plugin, download it again.
Also i would see a clean uninstall of a Plugin, for example the Camouflage
after uninstall, the changes the plugin maked to the folding, the folding is
active. I don't developed a plugin, so i don't know if there is function
this would be usefull, before the Plugin Manger uninstalls a Plugin it will
call uninstall
function inside the plugin. Also a function deactivate will be usefull, so
plugins can
be deactivated. Something what was also disturbing, is that evertime you
want to get
a plugin you have to download the plugin list, why not showing a offline
list, and asking
for updating it. The last time i wanted to install a plugin a waited nearly
1 minute (with a T1
connection). If a plugin is not available, this can be notified if someone
want to install a selected
plugin. Also i miss Version control for plugins a Idea 4 user can only see
and install 4 plugins, no
3 or EAP plugins for > 4 versions.
Also it was usefull if the categories for the plugins is selectedable with a
JTabbedPane or a JList
and not only with the a JTable column.
The last thin is miss is the manual Plugin install, maybe this exists and i
don't know how,
but it is usefull if you can install Plugins manual, not with the Plugin
So this is all i thing is needed to say "Plugins with pleasure"

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I second Ercans pamphlet for "Plugins with Pleasure". And I really
wonder -- in these days of harsh competition (to cite another post in
this ng) -- how these basic requirements could have gone forgotten...


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this ng) -- how these basic requirements could have
gone forgotten...

Sigh. I imagine the overhead imposed by the need to manage fabrique-omniamea-resharper-idea is non-null, and is slowly hurting idea's production process. :-/


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