Editting Pom.xml causes the entire project to start reloading maven projects

It seems that every time I type a single character in a pom.xml file now in 9.0.1 that IntelliJ seems to think I need to reimport changes to my maven projects.

Also just editting a pom.xml has gotten back to be a serious pain - its almost impossible to type more than a character before the editor seems to think it should start importing my changes. Is this desired functionality for some reason? Is there a way to turn that functionality off until I save the file explicitly or something?

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Check out Settings | Project Settings | Maven | Importing and see if "Import Maven projects automatically" is checked.  I believe havign that checked gives the behavior you describe.

Without it you will get a yellow bar at the top of you pom after saving asking if you would like to import your changes.


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